This is an illustrated map of the area within San Francisco's Mission district, which I call home. This map includes all the local businesses that I respect, patronize and/or admire. As I get to know my neighborhood more, I hope to expand the boundaries of this map and feature more sites.

As a freelance illustrator who specializes in maps (see my portfolio) I believe that an illustrated map is a fun and inspiring way to celebrate and share the things one loves about a particular place.


Here is a high level description of my work process:

First, I research the place I'm going to map. In the case of this map, that process required many cappuccinos, bowls of ramen, slices of pie, and hours of walking around. That was the easy part!

Next, I made a list of all my favorite places, plotted them in Google, and made several sketches. Below is the sketch I liked best.

Lastly, I used this sketch as a guide from which I made my final illustration using Adobe Illustrator and a Wacom pen tablet. Below is a short short animation that condenses about 7 hours of illustration time into a 20-second clip.


If you have any questions, please contact me via the email address below.